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Marcion of Sinope

The story of Marcion (85-160 A.D.) goes well beyond just his transcription of the first Christian bible in 144 A.D.

In fact, there wouldn't be a New Testament if it wasn't for Marcion of Sinope, say religious scholars. And recently, the Vatican Library released a trove of ancient manuscripts with Marcionite attribution to the Epistles  of Paul.

In the 2nd century, Marcion noticed the obvious differences between the deity of the Old Testament and our Christian God and concluded they were not the same - he wrote a book detailing and outlining his observations and the supporting facts. Later, he presented his case to the Church authorities of the time and was immediately excommunicated. The book was titled 'Antithesis' and every known copy was hunted down and destroyed over the centuries. 

Vatican releases Marcion scriptural attribution

We know of the book and some of its contents because religious and political authorities hired a plethora of writers and philosophers to attack and smear Marcion and those who adhered to the first and true bible. But they made the mistake of quoting from 'Antithesis' directly and because their books survived, Marcion's writings did as well.

It's interesting to note that all of the writers who attacked Marcion did so only after his death when he was unable to respond to or refute their assertions. Some, like Tertullian in his 207 A.D. books 'Adversus Marcionem, (Against Marcion)' even went so far as to attack Paul the Apostle, calling him "the apostle of heretics." Far from the 'defender of the faith' as some Marcion-haters would have you believe, Tertullian (later banished from the church) spent much time writing about women's fashions of the day and was dismissed out of hand by Saint Jerome with the words, "As to Tertullian, I have nothing else to say except that he was not a man of the church".

Many of Marcion's critics claim he "edited the bible." This is a tired, worn canard and trope that has been thoroughly debunked. How do you edit something that didn't exist at the time? In fact, most biblical scholars now agree that that were it not for Marcion, there wouldn't even be a New Testament in the modern bible.

Recently, the Vatican Library released an ancient manuscript recognizing Marcion's role in the translation of Paul's Epistles from Greek to Latin.

Read The Very First Bible as Marcion transcribed it in 144 A.D.

Marcion of Sinope

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*Marcionites ask 'who's the heretic now?' after Vatican releases manuscript showing New Testament canon derived from first Marcionite bible.

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